Volume 11, Issue 1

Comparative Analysis of Emotion states Based on Facial Expression Modality

*Gaikwad Kiran P,Dr. C.M. Sheela Rani

Pages: 462-466

Analysis of Theoretical Sampling Distributed using combined LPETM and ANOM subgrouping

Kotte Sandeep*, R.Satya Prasad, K.Sowmya

Pages: 467-471

Self-Organized Utility Function based Power Efficient Technique for 5G Wireless Networks

Madan Mohan Rao. Nelluri*, Dr. Habibullah Khan

Pages: 472-479

Design of Flexible Dipole Array Patch Antenna For 5g Applications

*R.Sekar,s.Mounika,B.Lalitha,ch. Saranga Haripriya

Pages: 480-485

Smart Poultry Farm Monitoring System Based On IOT

*R.Sekar, M.Sravana Jyothi, M.Yamini

Pages: 486-491

Design of Circular Patch Antenna for Enhancing Field Strength

*Suresh Kumar, Manikanta, Soma Sekhar, Pavan Sankar, Ratna Risheek

Pages: 492-496

The Implementation of Calendar Academic Monitoring System in University Using Raspberry Pi

*Sigit Kurniawan,Tanto Tanto,B.Herawan Hayadi, Ririt Dwi Putri Permatasari, Sabtu

Pages: 497-500

Implementation Competency Based Learning Model Of Learning Computer Network Courses At Vocational Education

* Raimon Efendi, Wulan Andang.P, Yusron,Andra,Asmar Yulastri, B.Herawan Hayadi

Pages: 501-505

Application Decision Support System using PROMETHEE Method

*Ade Parlaungan Nasution,Dahrul Aman Harahap, Ronal Watrianthos

Pages: 506-511

Numerical Simulation of Magneto Hydrodynamics Flow of Blood in Carotid Artery Bifurcation

Nazar O. Mousa Alyaseen, A. Ahmadpour, Ahmed K. Alshara and H. Rahimzadeh

Pages: 512-521

Enhanced Secure Cloud Storage Auditing System with Proxy and BLS Signature Algorithm

Dr.S. Thiru Nirai Senthil and Dr.A. Muthukumaravel

Pages: 522-527

A Comparative Study on Image Histogram Modification Techniques in Algorithms

M. Divya and V. Brindha

Pages: 528-533

Analysis of Growth of Average Flank Wear During Turning of En31 Steel by Using Coated Inserts Under Dry and Wet Environments

Dr. Sandeep M. Salodkar

Pages: 534-538