Volume 11, Issue 1

Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

Dr.A. Narayana Rao and Dr.A. Rajasekharreddy

Pages: 232-239

Hybrid MAC based Adaptive Preamble Technique to Improve the Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks

A.V. Prabu, G. Sateesh Kumar

Pages: 240-249

Performance Analysis and Lifetime estimation of Wireless Technologies for WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks) /IoT (Internet of Things) Application

A.V. Prabu, G. Sateesh Kumar

Pages: 250-258

Survey on Heuristic Built in Redundancy Algorithms

K. Hima Bindu, DR.K. Babulu and DR.G.N. Swamy

Pages: 259-265

Game Theory Techniques for Cooperative and Non-Cooperative Network Resource Allocation

Kethavath Narender and Dr.C. Puttamadappa

Pages: 266-273

Segmenting the Defective Leather Texture Image Using Modified Region Growing With GWO Technique

Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti Mohammed, S. Srinivas Kumar and Prasad Gandikota

Pages: 274-284

Recognizability of Oxide Pictures by Sgraffito Automata

P. Helen Vijitha and Robinson Thamburaj

Pages: 285-293

Risk-Return Analysis on India-Focused Hedge Funds

Dr.E. Geetha and Navyanshi Nayan

Pages: 294-307

The Connected Edge-To-Vertex Monophonic Number of a Graph

D. Stalin and J. John

Pages: 308-314

A Study on Segmentation based on Mammogram

S. Shamy and Dr.J. Dheeba

Pages: 315-320

Evaluation of Enhanced Subspace Clustering Validity Using Silhouette Coefficient Internal Measure

Rama Devi Jujjuri and Dr.M. Venkateswara Rao

Pages: 321-328

Runoff Estimation by SCS Curve Number Method for Bangalore North Taluk, Karnataka, India

P. Nanjundi and Dr.M. Inayathulla

Pages: 329-341

A New Approach for the Solution of Fuzzy Quadratic Programming Problems

P. Umamaheswari and K. Ganesan

Pages: 342-349

Solution of Mixed Type Fuzzy Transportation Problem through a New Method

V. Vidhya and K. Ganesan

Pages: 350-353

A Mechanism for the Storage and Retrieval of Passwords Using Cloud

Dr.N. Susila, Sruthi Anand, Dr.Granty Regina Elwin, H. Ayisha Farhin, M. Aravind Kumar and J. Divakar

Pages: 354-358

A Survey on Elliptic Curves Cryptosystems

Ayat Waleed Khaled and Najlae Falah Hameed Al Saffar

Pages: 359-362

Analysis of Photo Plethysmography (PPG) Signals with Artificial Neural Networks Using Curvelet Transform

Shaik Subhani

Pages: 363-370

Remedial Measures for Improving the Poor Performance of Employees in it Sector

T.S. Aarathy and Dr.D. Venkatarama Raju

Pages: 371-373

Design of Automatic Body Biasing System for Low Power VLSI Application

Dr.D. Venugopal, Dr.B. Jaishankar and R. Shyamala Banu

Pages: 374-380

The Optimal Placement of Distributed Generation in Radial Distribution System using Water Cycle Algorithm

Kalidas Babu Gera and Dr.P.V. Ramana Rao

Pages: 381-391

The Optimal Placement of Distributed Generation in Radial Distribution System using Water Cycle Algorithm

Kalidas Babu Gera and Dr.P.V. Ramana Rao

Pages: 381-391

A New Paradigm: Psychovisual Modulation to Project Movie in Theatre to Get Rid of Theatre Piracy

Nilesh Kumar Dubey and Hardik Modi

Pages: 392-396

A Hybrid Approach on Mammograms High Density Ratio Using Data Mining Techniques for Breast Abnormalities

Dr.C. Victoria Priscilla and N.M. Sangeetha

Pages: 397-403

BLR: Bounded Logistic Regression for Inspecting the Opinions on Indian Government Schemes

P.K. Kumar and Dr.S. Nandagopalan

Pages: 404-413

Antecedents of Perceived Family Support and Impact on Successor’s Perceptions of Career Resources and Growth in Small Business Entrepreneurial Families in Indian Rural Economy

Bhargav Ram Munagapati and Dr.D. SrinivasaRao

Pages: 414-424

On The K-Metro Domination Number of Cartesian Product of PmPn

G.C. Basavaraju, M. Vishukumar and P. Raghunath

Pages: 425-431

Versatile Tracking System for Preventing the Propagation of Feminine Victim

Dr.K. Kalaiselvi and S. Karunya

Pages: 432-438

Malicious Software Types and Counter Measures

Pamela Bhattacharya, Kutub Thakur, Jason Tseng and Abdullah Alhayajneh

Pages: 439-451

Distinguish between Susceptibly or Resistant to the Standard Antibiotics in Agar Diffusion Test by Image Processing

Kawther H. Al-khafaji and Athraa H. Al-khafaji

Pages: 452-456

Information Interface with Raspberry Pi and Speech Processing

*M. Koteswara Kishore, K. Divya, G. Sai Kumar, M. Joshitha, J. Manikanta

Pages: 457-461