Engineering Analysis of Dynamic Contractors’ Cash Follow influences by Change Order in Jordanian Construction Industry

AltayebQasem, Eng. Zaid M. Murad, Emhaidy S. Gharaibeh, Tareq M. Abu-khait

Engineering analysis for the economic performance of construction industry performance and cash follow can be effective in the economy and industry development. In this paper dynamic factors effected were investigated in our computations. The maximum project performance would be achieved if the work invariably flows smoothly within time limits and anticipated budget. Change orders (or variation orders) result in time delay, cost overrun, quality defects, and other negative impacts. This is common in construction projects in Jordanian region. This study investigated and equated the causes and effects of change orders in public and private building construction projects in Jordan, and formulated recommendations and guidelines in order to address the problems brought about by change orders. Moreover, the current change order management control practices being implemented by the contractors, consultants and clients in response to the issuance of construction change orders were also identified and investigated. An understanding of the causes of variation orders would be helpful for building professionals in assessing variation orders. Furthermore, the study would also assist professionals in taking proactive measures for reducing variation orders in construction projects. The findings from this literature review would also be valuable for all construction professionals in general and provide guidelines to develop well defined variation order models.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 61-71