Numerical Modeling of Hydrodynamic Processes in Screw Tubes

VorontsovaValeriya Leonidovna, BagoutdinovaAlfiya Gizzetdinovna, GalemzianovAlmaz Fernandovich

The article is dedicated to computer simulation of fluid flow and heat transfer in turbulent flow of the viscous fluid in the helical tubes. The simulation was carried out using the software package SolidWorks Flow Simulation. The objects of study were screw tubes with different geometric dimensions. As a result of the simulation, the velocity, temperature, and pressure fields in the computational domain are determined. A comparative analysis of thermal and hydrodynamic efficiency of the test tubes. The values of heat transfer coefficients in the flow paths of the channels are obtained and the prospect of using helical pipes for designing modern energy efficient heat exchangers is shown. It has been established that in the considered range of numbers the resistance coefficient in comparison with a smooth cylindrical pipe increases 1.5-2.8 times.The number of Nu with the flow of fluid in the helical pipes in comparison with the smooth cylindrical pipe increases 1.8-2.7 times depending on the geometric characteristics of the pipes.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 38-43