Methods of Improvement in the Productivity of the Technological Process of Printing the Sand-Polymer Casting Moulds with the Help of the Additive Devices

Peter I. Galinov, Aleksandr G. Netkachev

The goal of the present article is to analyse problems of improvement in the productivity of the additive technologies in the course of their introduction into industrial practice Due to improvement of the technological processes, the additive technologies have come into common use as concerns their industrial application, including production of casting moulds. However, low productivity of these technologies (as compared with the traditional technology) imposes restrictions on the possibility of application of the equipment for manufacturing the sand-polymer casting moulds with the help of the method of the layered synthesis in the mass production. In the present article, we present results of our investigations (on the basis of review of topical publications/articles) in respect of possible methods of improvement in the productivity of the technological process of printing the sand-polymer casting moulds with the help of the additive devices due to possible structural alterations, changes in the layout, and technological changes. We have performed mathematical simulation and corrected possible parameters for the most attractive variants. We have come to conclusion that method of optimisation of the controlling system is the prospective method of improvement in the productivity.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 12-23