Therapy of Community-based Art Knowledge Transfer for People with Disabilities: Sensation Method Development

Anne Nurfarina and Nadia Arfan

Bandung known as one of creative cities in Indonesia, many communities are formed in this city. The communities of people with disabilities were being educated through creative programs. However, creative programs are generally become extra-curricular activities. The people with disabilities only fulfill their spare time. It does not provide a concrete and long-term impact, because it does not touch life preparation aspects of learning for the people with disabilities. Sensation Method is the result of researchers’ findings which successfully implemented in community therapy activity in Art Therapy Center Widyatama. This method involved many subjects which are therapist, people with disability, parents, and government. The success indicator does not only come from the therapy activity, but also the substance of linearity among the subjects that have been mentioned earlier. The outputs include management systems, learning systems, governance, academic, and human resources. This community is guided to be a role model for other communities with the same problems, especially in remote areas in Indonesia where the condition is not properly managed whereas (while) the number of people with disabilities continue increasing every year. Knowledge transfer system through community at least will change the old system which is partial and less effective.

Volume 11 | 03-Special Issue

Pages: 239-245