Level of Health of Investee Company of Handicraft Small Enterprises after being funded by Venture Capital

R. Ait Novatiani and R. Wedi Rusmawan Kusumah

Small enterprises are spearheads for national industry. However, main problem that is often faced by them is funding. Venture capital has role to give funding in order to investee companies could expand their businesses. The more company is growing, the more profits the company gains. This profit growing is an indicator for level of health of Investee Company. In determining level of company partners’ healthiness, venture capital use project condition assessment guideline, that is financial performance. Purpose of this research is to analyze level of health of Investee Company of handicraft small enterprises after being funded by venture capital. This research used descriptive methodology, using simple random sampling with total of 22 small enterprises of Investee Company, and secondary data collection technique. In summary, venture capital funding to Investee Company of handicraft small enterprises improves their level of health.

Volume 11 | 03-Special Issue

Pages: 117-122