Role of Market: How Knowledge Acquisition Impact on Investment Recovery and Reverse Logistics towards Sustainability Performance

Nissa Syifa Puspani, Arry Hutomo and Obsatar Sinaga

This paper analyses the viability of supply chain practices created for fisheries industries to moderate role of market and to implement knowledge acquisition adoption as mediating on part of Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) practices focus on (investment recovery and reverse logistics practices) across a supply chain towards sustainability performance. It examines investment recovery and reverse logistics adopted in the supply chain as a result of pressures from primary stakeholders. We derive a conceptual framework with underpinning theory. The resulting hypotheses are tested using fishery industries in Indonesia and Malaysia data of 473 samples utilizing primary and secondary data. Finding reveal, a phenomenon with role of market and knowledge acquisition adoption have significant effect to enhancing sustainability performance. Moreover, our results yield insights to green practices in optimizing their supply chain performance.

Volume 11 | 03-Special Issue

Pages: 97-116