Why are Student Reluctant to be Active in Student Activities? (A Case Study of Widyatama Taekwondo Team Bandung)

Galuh Boga Kuswara and Tezza Adriansyah Anwar

Taekwondo is a popular martial arts sport among Students, because its activities are almost there in all educational institutions in Bandung. One of the educational institutions in Bandung that has a very good achievement in Taekwondo is Widyatama University. Taekwondo Activity Unit at Widyatama University has won the National Champion among Students for 6 times in a row. Many of the Students at Widyatama University have been in Taekwondo since elementary and even up to senior high school. However, they are reluctant to follow Taekwondo activities when entering college. This study aims to find out the reasons Students' reluctance to be active in student activities unit, especially Taekwondo unit. In addition, this study also aims to find the effort that can be done to increase student participation in the student activity unit. The research method used is descriptive-verificative. Respondents in the study amounted to 115 respondents, and counting techniques in this study using path analysis techniques. Students' reluctance to be active, especially Taekwondo, is caused by the time of practice that coincides with the lectures. Taekwondo is also not a martial art that is currently a trend when compared with other martial arts (e.g. Mixed Martial Arts, Muay-Thay). While Students are happy to follow the trend. Therefore, it takes effort to make Taekwondo martial arts back into the trend. This can be done by making Taekwondo viral through Korean movies or dramas that are being liked by Students. In addition, it can also create a documentation that shows Taekwondo can be used as a self-defense when conditions are pressed. Changes in practice time to Friday and Saturday, where Students are not studying, can increase student participation in campus activities.

Volume 11 | 03-Special Issue

Pages: 49-57