The Influence of Third Party Funds and Credit Distribution to Non-Performing Loan (NPL) (Empirical Study on Conventional Banking Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange Period013-2016)

Eddy Winarso and Diana Maryanti Putri

This study aims to determine the effect of third party funds and lending to non-performing loans in conventional banking listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange period 2013-2016. Third party funds and lending as independent variables, while non-performing loan as a dependent variable. The research method used is descriptive and verifikatif. The conventional banking population listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange period 2013-2016 amounted to 41 banks. The technique of determining the sample is non probability sampling with purposive sampling method, so that the number of samples of 30 banks is obtained. Data analysis using multiple linear regression at significance level of 5%. Data processing program and analyze data using Eviews 7. The results showed that partially and simultaneously third party funds and lending affect the non-performing loan. While the amount of third party funds and credit distribution in contributing to non-performing loan that is equal to 56.7%.

Volume 11 | 03-Special Issue

Pages: 31-48