How to Improve on the Customer’s Buying Process at the Milkbar Bandung (Through Store Atmosphere and Pricing Policy)

Annisa Lisdayanti, Ayuningtyas Yuli Hapsari and Faris Muhammad Firdaus

The level of milk consumption in Indonesia is only 11.48 kg / capita per year, this is still lowest compared to other countries in Asia. The amount of milk consumption in Indonesia is less than Malaysia, India, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. Bandung is an area with lots of culinary. The Milk Bar located on Sultan Tirtayasa street no. 27 has attempted to provide a change of atmosphere in a place with good service to its customers, in addition to pricing policy provided by the customer should be reviewed continuously in each period, The Milk Bar Bandung set the price on each product in such a way as to achieve the target Its sales value and seeks to influence customer buying decisions to buy their products. However, although The Milk Bar Bandung has set prices that are considered competitive, but the thing that happened was the decline in sales in the last three months. So to improve customer buying decisions then the application of store atmosphere and pricing policy needs to be considered well by the company. This research is descriptive and verificative, with sample 115 consumer of The Milk Bar obtained by means of iteration calculation counted 3 times. The data analysis was done using multiple regression. The results showed that of the two independent variables studied obtained the result that the price policy has a greater influence in improving customer buying decisions. And together obtained a value of 59.9% and the remaining 40.1% influenced by other variables not examined in this study.

Volume 11 | 03-Special Issue

Pages: 1-8