Representation Cryptography for Grayscale Reflection Using Latin Square

Dr.A. Udhaya Kumar, Dr.A. Ambeth Raja and D. Karthik

In this trend setting innovation, each delicate information must be verified. Visual cryptography is a system to conceal the picture based mystery. In this paper the mystery picture and the key element of visual cryptography is scrambled into two stages at an equivalent time and at decoding side that mystery picture is uncovered. So that, here utilizing Latin square issues utilizing novel technique have been proposed with decreased reality unpredictability. We built up a proficient calculation utilizing another method that improved the Latin square calculation with time unpredictability of O(n). Latin Squares systems have been generally utilized in numerous factual applications. Here we are applying visual cryptography conspire on dark picture rather than twofold picture. Decoded picture has same size as like a unique mystery picture.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 2195-2201