ACPT- An Intelligent Methodology for Disease Diagnosis

B. Buvaneswari and Dr.T. Kalpalatha Reddy

Many human’s life have been driven into the danger due to the lack of the non-intelligent, self adaptive knowledge about pain, symptoms experiencing in the body. The Human- assisted Devices for the above-mentioned case will be more useful. Many researches has been conducted for this detection of the pain in relevant to the diseases but till now it is the real challenge .Hence the new and novel technique has been proposed by using the method of CBT(Cognitive Behavior Theory) and we use fusion of Signals and Images for further processing. Based on the technique, we have proposed the algorithm called ACPT (Adaptive Cognition Permutation Theory) which works on the fusion of Facial categorization with Bio-Signals and proved to provide pre-information about the symptoms through the facial expressions. ACPT works on the principle of new Cognitive Rule sets which has been tested with different inputs and proved to be vital for the detection and determination.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 2187-2194