Design and Implementation of a Smart System for Multiple Applications

Madhu Jain and Shambhavi Misra

At present, agriculture includes forestry, dairy products, fruits cultivation, poultry farming, etc. apart from farming. One of the main problem or concern of farmers is irrigation. There are various factors that affect irrigation like proper timing and proper amount. This system, besides farming can help farmers in various ways, as they are not dependent only on crops for their livelihood. This system comprises of various subsystems that can reduce their effort. To deal with the problem of irrigation, the humidity of the soil is constantly measured using soil humidity sensor. When there is no humidity in the soil an alert by short message service (SMS) will be send to the concerned farmer. Another problem of the farmers is the safe storage of grains for which this system can be a useful solution. The smoke and fire sensors are use to detect the possibility of fire. In case when a farmer is also doing poultry farming the proper temperature can be maintained for eggs during hatching. Another subsystem is also designed to fully utilize the solar energy of the sun. This energy is the best and cheapest source available to the people especially farmers. For the proposed system a low power 32-bit Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) processor LPC2148 is used. RISC stands for reduced instruction set computer. The proposed system can increase the income of farmers and improve their livelihoods and lives.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 2085-2094