Current Taxonomy of Trust based Secure Routing in MANETs

Charu Wahi, Vandana Bhattacharjee and Shampa Chakraverty

It is well known that mobile ad-hoc networks face a greater challenge in ensuring secured routing as compared with infrastructure based networks owning to their unique characteristics such as open and shared medium, absence of any centralized authority, dynamic nature and multi-hop transmissions. A number of cryptographically secured routing algorithms have been developed. However, they prove to be rather impractical for infrastructure-less networks as they require the presence of a ubiquitous trusted authority. Trust based communications hold greater promise for secure and efficient routing in MANETs as they rely on ongoing peer assessment of the behavior of nodes and their past performance. With a gamut of new trust based approaches appearing on the horizon, we need a systematic study of the current literature that can provide a frame of reference to researchers to carry forward new initiatives. In this article we present a detailed survey of various trust-based MANET routing algorithms and analyze their working, performance, constraints, strengths and weaknesses to present a comprehensive review of the state-of-art in this domain.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 2068-2084