Load Balancing Methodologies in Cloud Computing: A Systematic Review

Jaimeel Shah and Dr. Chirag Patel

One of the challenging topics in the field of Cloud computing is to balance the load among the servers efficiently in such a way that no servers get overloaded nor remains under loaded.As Cloud Computing works on internet based computing, there will be a cumbersome amount of requests from the clients that results into the overloading of the servers which results into the birth of concept called as Load Balancing .The main aim of the load balancing is to manage the resources efficiently in such a way that more number of requests can be handle efficiently. In this paper, we mainly focus on survey of different types of the load balancing algorithms along with the key ideas, advantages and disadvantages of the particular algorithm. Also we provide some glimpse on the current issues related to load balancing algorithms and guidelines for future work.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 2057-2067