Structural Analysis of a Fibre Reinforced Flexible Deep Beam

Joan Mary Jojo and A. Nayana

The fibre reinforced concrete has been one of the top most innovations in concrete technology, highlighting improved structural integrity of the structure, by providing short discrete fibres, distributed uniformly and oriented randomly. Engineered Cementitious Composite, also known as bendable or flexible concrete is yet another fascinating innovation that accounts for drastic development in crack resistance in the structure and providing bendable nature to the member without failure. In this study, finite element analysis of Fibre Reinforced Flexible Concrete deep beam is carried out in ANSYS for cracking pattern, and is compared with the results for a Reinforced Cement Concrete deep beam. It has been observed that the crack resistance of FR Flexible concrete is much higher than that of reinforced cement concrete.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 2040-2044