The H-infinity Robust Control for Optimization on Low Water Flow Application

Jalu A. Prakosa and Anastasiia D. Stotckaia

The controller design is important thing to build an excellent control system, particularly to provide optimal measurement accuracy in low water flow plant. The uncertainty or disturbance may occur on the use of diaphragm pump to control water flow. Moreover, the sensitivity of high frequency on Hall Effect flow meter sensor has possibility to interfere measurement results. The purpose of this research is to apply H-Infinity robust control for optimization on water flow controller to deal with uncertainty. The transfer function, which is generated from real behavior of experimental data of water flow plant, is calculated by mixed-sensitivity synthesis procedure for constructing the H-Infinity controller K. From the simulation and analysis, the circumstances on not only robust criteria but also H-Infinity norm are successfully satisfied by singular values of close loop of proposed controller. The optimization controller design is robustly stable due to limited structural-parametric perturbations assessment. The decline on the expansion of suppression of the limited disturbance shows the improving robustness performance. In addition, the Lyapunov stability testing on eigenvalues and graphical method proves that the proposed controller design is asymptotically stable. The optimization of controller design by H-Infinity can minimize the uncertainty effect on the water flow control system.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1995-2006