Changing Media Ecology and Indian Social Media

Dr. Meenakshi and Ravia Gupta

With changing times, people are changing the way they connect with each other and receive information. In present times, people are connecting with each other anytime anywhere with the help of Social Networking Sites. Considering this change in the medium, traditional media, too, is adapting to the change, in order to connect with its audience and expand its reach. Theorists like Steven Chaffee and Miriam Metzger have observed that Internet has brought a decline in the traditional media agenda-setting and shift from elite power due to increased access and greater choice is seen post 2001. As the internet is becoming increasingly omnipresent, the standpoint of media as living and social environment is even more topical. This paper thus reviews the changing media ecology to study media and communication patterns, focusing on the major social media players in India.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1912-1922