Design of Sub-Array for UHF Spaced Antenna Wind Profiler Radar

Elluru Jayapal and S. Varadarajan

This paper emphasizes the design and development of seven element microstrip patch sub-array to minimize peak side lobe level, half power beam width and improve the gain for UHF spaced antenna wind profiler Radar which operates at 445MHz.The Antenna array system is employed with Space Antenna Technique to derive atmospheric winds and turbulence. Rectangular microstrip patch antenna is used as an element for Sub array with 50 ohm coaxial feed. Power Divider is used to distribute the microstrip patch elements with use of LMR 400 cable for RF feed.UHF Spaced Antenna wind profiler Radar is intended to be used for lower atmospheric studies and research applications.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1853-1859