Structural and Modal Analysis of Simulation System for Dynamic Optimization of Mechanical Structures

Arkadu. Vamsi Krishna and Dr. Yedula. Hariprasada Reddy

Structures pertaining to industrial, naval, automotive and aerospace applications will experience vibration during the service mount conditions. Three basic dynamic parameters namely Mass (M), Stiffness (K), and Damping (C) will influence the structure to the input vibration. These critical parameters needs to be configured properly for a particular structure, or else the input vibration energy gets intensified to a greater extent and drive the structure towards catastrophic failure. No practical means are available till now so as to evolve optimal combination of the said dynamic parameter. This paper proposes design and analysis of a dynamic simulation system which bids a capable solution to facilitate various inversions of quantity, rigidity and curbing over specific range. Further projected ploy can be agitated with desired rate and bounty by escalating it on a vibrator and retort of the device can be measured for an itemized input. The prime permutation of forceful parameters can be evolved with the offered simulator which becomes input to constitute the design of a particular structure. The planned system is intended for the purpose of intangible demo in order to begin with baseline configuration and also to detect the subsystems. By attaining the controls from design all the systems will be sized. Assembled configuration of the system is drove out using 3D CAD modelling software i.e. UNI GRAPHICS. Structural analysis is carried out so as to ensure design adequacy using ANSYS software.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1848-1852