Acts of Direct Speech in Communication between Saudi Arabian Family

Sawsan Alfaleh

This article shows how to analyze the interaction between family members in Saudi Arabia. This interaction is a classic example of family life in Saudi Arabia. This article shows the impact of the culture and gender role of Saudi Arabia in direct investigations and their responses. The kind of speakers influences the way they minimize the response to these requests. It is analyzed through the study that family members use different strategies to reduce requests. The family members may experience face-threatening act (FTA) and express feelings that may feel uncomfortable or surprised during the interaction of the Saudi family. The tone with which the mother uses the words (Masha Allah and Insha’Allah) is the way she answers direct questions. The role of the mother in the Saudi family is an important factor. Mothers play an important role in making decisions in financial matters and family life. It is observed through the study that face threatening act (FTA) exist in direct claims, while the analysis is confirmed in the context of Saudi Arabia.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1801-1807