Cultural and Societal Beliefs and Taboos in Saudi Arabia

Sawsan Alfaleh

This report aims to explore the diverse cultural and societal beliefs and taboos in Saudi Arabia. It is aim to develop comprehensive and strong understanding with different cultural and religious taboos as it is vital for understanding the relationship between people, religion and language in Saudi Arabia Culture. This report indicated that Saudi Arabians consider religious and cultural backgrounds as a source of executing taboo behaviour and expressions. This research indicates that contemplation of function of linguistic taboos should be considered as of utmost importance for identifying the social implications of linguistic taboo. Through this research study, linguistic taboos, social taboos and religious taboos are identified that restrict the social progress of Saudi Arabia. To integrate Saudi Arabia with progressive globalized world, this research study suggested that it is important for explain these taboos for minimalizing prejudices. It is identified in this research that religions are one of the critical aspects in Saudi cultural and religion activities. Therefore, this research study successfully describes different taboos that stem from different cultural opinions. In addition to this, this research study also emphasizes on changing point of view of people that all restrictions are derived from religious faith and teachings. This research study advances the existing knowledge base through identifying Saudi media and Saudi government as responsible for striving and promoting cultural values and beliefs, educating people and modifying their culture beliefs. In addition, as a country, Saudi Arabia must educate people about sexually transmitted diseases and sexual problems because of this global problem rather than being censored because they do not recognize it.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1795-1800