A New Approach Looping Protocol Efficient in Energy for Wireless Sensors Network

Oudani Hassan, Krit Salahddine, Karimi Khaoula and Elmaimouni Lahoucine

In Wireless communication, one of the most important solutions of Quality of Service (QoS) in WSN is a development of a routing protocols secure and energy efficient. To reduce energy consumption in WSN, several architecture are adopted, namely Flat and hierarchical protocols. In this paper, we proposed novel loop dependent routing protocol which is energy efficient. The proposed protocol is based on hierarchical routing protocols (chain approach).Also, to resolve the problem of energy, we proposed strategy to every node must pass less strength for the period of routing the packet to the base station. Experimental results using Matlab 2013 of our method LBCEE (Loop based chain and Energy Efficient) routing protocol accomplishes improvement than the already existing state-of-the-art protocols (LEACH, PEGASIS, TEEN, SEP, DEEC) in the form of lifetime, and stability period, for alive nods in WSN.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1768-1776