A Technical Review of Recent Advancements in Blockchain Scalability

Sumaiya and Dr. Ajay Kumar Bharti

Blockchain is an emerging technology and novel in several aspects. A distributed platform that allow immutable and cryptographically secured transaction among peers independent of any central authority makes it instant popular. Bitcoin has brought this technology on global stage very quietly in 2009. Blockchain technology has managed to move beyond crytocurrency and extend its reach to numerous other fields like financial services, supply chain, logistic, healthcare etc. This paper presents a comprehensive overview on blockchain architecture, emergent blockchain platforms, and new application areas exploring blockchain. This paper also discusses briefly about scalability aspect of blockchain as well recent advancement in this area and current proposed solution. Finally, this paper concludes with critical challenges and suggests other direction of research for blockchain scalability.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1575-1584