Performance Evaluation for Load Balancing in SDN Controller

Dr. Mohammed Najm Abdulla and Zahraa Alaa Baqer

The traffic on the internet is increasing must need to manage the traffic load which is very difficult. In Software define network (SDN) is used load balancing to decided which servers can handle that traffic to distributed the traffic among multiple servers. The simulation is carried out in mininet emulator for SDN environment using open flow switch. The Performance evaluation is done using Iperf and jperf commands. In this paper we are implementing both random and round robin load balancing and then used weighted round robin load balancer to address the little utilization of servers and increase the throughput ratio. The final results for throughput in first scenario using random is 25.03% and in second scenario using round robin is 34.84%, while last scenario using weighted round robin is recorded up to 40.13%. The results show that the last algorithm improves significantly the performance of a SDN than the others in terms of the offered load balancer of pox based controller, to provide the good, efficient, and effective load balancing approach in Network performance.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1540-1547