Insights: Rivals Collaboration on Belt and Road Initiatives and Indian Recourses

Md. Salamun Rashidin, Sara Javed, Bin Liu, Wang Jian and S. Suman Rajest

China and India are in competition. Among all China’s neighbors, India has shown the greatest agitation to Maritime Silk Route (MSR) by not signing the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). On the other hand, China has uttered antagonism on India interference in the South China Sea. Mixed method approach and Geopolitics theory was adopted i-e qualitative data gathered via conducting panel discussion with different professors and quantitative data from articles, newspapers, WTO, World Bank, Wits and databases whereas; excel was used for the quantitative data analysis. India’s primary concern is that BRI, CPEC and Maritime Silk Road is disparate to Indian Spice Route and SAGAR projects. However, the founder member of India has signed with AIIB, NDB, BRICS bank and most recently with Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Both countries are growing faster than other nations in Asia but a mammoth trade deficit has been seen amid India and China. This study investigates how both countries collaborate with each other and maintain the geo-politician landscape and both of countries can take steps to make policy for continual mutual development in the South Asia.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1509-1522