Predicting Effort, Duration and Cost in Software Development Using Machine Learning Technique

B.M.G. Prasad and Dr.P.V.S. Srinivas

Nowadays, well established software organizations are dispensing more attention in the accurate estimation of metrics used in software such as time to complete the project, cost to develop, quality of the product, and risk at the initial period of the software development process. The project managers should maintain the position while estimating the investment and time of the intended project it is most essential responsibility in the development of software projects and this capability described as software effort estimation. At the primary development steps of the software product the values corresponding to the cost, effort, and time are uncertain and inaccurate. Because In the primary development phases of software the requirements are not clearly defined. Therefore, a stable and distinct model to estimate effort and time is an ongoing issue for project managers and software engineers. Lots of techniques are used for software cost estimation process those are listed as expert judgment, algorithmic model or parametric, top-down approach, price-to-win, bottom-up and etc. Prediction for accurate effort duration and cost for any development project is still a problem in the software industry. Estimation is a significant activity for successful software project management. This is very necessary for budgeting and project planning. The quality of the estimation is one of the factors, which defines the success of the project and facilitate to avoid the risks. Inaccurate estimations frequently lead to the failure of the projects. In general, within budget and On-time deliverables are an important concern for the software industries. In this paper analyzes of predicting the effort duration and cost required for a software project development for projects and enhancement projects with multiple parameters.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1503-1508