Robust Deduplication on Cloud Storage with Grasshopper Optimization-based Secure Framework

P. Selvi and Dr.D. Shanmuga Priyaa

With the advantages of internet, a tremendous growth in cloud computing provides a new approach to service facility by reordering several resources. The most significant and famous service provided by cloud is data storage. To prevent the data holder’s privacy, the data which are stored in cloud are encrypted and uploaded. But still there is an issue in handling duplicate cloud data. This necessitates deduplication in storage of big data and cloud environmental processing. Standard deduplication methods are not suitable to work on encrypted data. They suffer from security weakness, while performing deduplication on encrypted data. Thus, this paper aims at developing a deduplication model on cloud storage data by achieving a successful methodology to accomplish encoded data in cloud. This paper performs encryption and decryption of files by using Paillier crypto system which adapts homomorphic cryptosystem. The encrypted files are processed by grasshopper optimization algorithm which searches for the presence of duplicate records. If it is a unique copy, then it will be allowed to be uploaded in the cloud; else its reference is attached to the concern storage. The proposed method integrates cloud data deduplication with access control. From the simulation result it is observed that the proposed scheme for deduplication on cloud storage produces superior efficiency and provides strong privacy-preserving mechanism.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1459-1468