Opportunities and Challenges of Rooftop Gardening Among House Hold Women in Salem District

Dr.J. Senthil Velmurugan, Dr.M. Suryakumar and S.V. Rajkamal

Terrace gardens are getting a usual nature in latest trends in city environment. The phenomenon of landscaping at the terraces and rooftops has advanced due to excessive exploitation of the urban land. In such congested surroundings, rooftops and terraces of buildings stay as a valuable source for urban horticulture. It is also ability alternative for cultivation of vegetables due to its short period of existence cycle and smooth to control on terrace situations. Besides, terrace cultivation of greens can supply preferential, sparkling, poisonous loose produce with minimal expenditure there with the aid of will increase monetary price of land consistent with unit region (apartment house). In addition, it improves aesthetic sense, reduces strain and stress of the growers as well as environmental pollutants. Due to lack of considerable facts on terrace vegetables cultivation, this article aimed to house hold women spotlight the strategies for cultivation of greens and their cultural practices on terrace situations in Salem district.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1416-1420