Criminal Liability Imposedupon Juvenile Offenders under the Vietnamese Criminal Legislation

Bui Ngoc Ha and Phong Ward

Criminal liability of those aged under 18 is defined as the unfavorable legal consequence accepted by any person aged under 18 for any his or her relevant damage caused to the society (as provided in the Vietnamese Penal Code), at the same time being legally considered a criminal. Up to date, the 2015 Vietnamese Criminal Law (that was amended and supplemented in 2017) has had its chapter No. 13 (which consists of up to 18 articles ranging from Article No.90 to Article No. 107) move around imposing appropriate penalties against the under-18 offenders. Legally speaking, criminal liability imposed on such kind of subject is currently viewed as an issue of profound theoretical and practical significance in the midst of the human rights of under-18 ones drawing particular public concern, on both domestic and global scale, especially in the case that such kind of subject serves as the target of criminal proceedings. The writers, therefore, focus on analyzing and specifying certain provisions and clauses that are readily made available in the 2015 Vietnamese Penal Code on the criminal liability of those aged under 18, at the same time putting forward highly feasible suggestions and measures.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1297-1307