Automatic Control of Active and Reactive Power for Stand-alone Solar Micro-grid

Jeevanigi Jayateertha, Akaash Balaji, P.V. Manitha and K. Deepa

Generation of power using renewable resources has become a pivotal part in every country’s power plan. The depletion of non- renewable resources at an alarming rate paves way to sustainable power sources. Also these non-renewable resources release toxic gases like SO2, CO2 etc. Into the atmosphere posing a great threat to humankind and environment. Wise use of renewable resources promises a great future ahead. Energy from the sun is the most prominent source of energy, which can be harnessed into different forms. Solar power output is not always constant so necessary monitoring of active and reactive power is very important. The paper emphasizes on supervision and automatic control of active and reactive power to the load in a stand –alone micro-grid.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1280-1291