Estimation of Dimensional Deviations During Continuous Turning of En31 Alloy Steel by Using Various Inserts Under Dry and Wet Conditions

Dr. Sandeep M. Salodkar

In this research the assessment of dimensional variations during continuous turning of En31 alloy steel, employing a variety of cutting inserts under both dry and wet machining conditions. Precision in dimensional outcomes is critical in machining processes, directly impacting the quality and functionality of produced components. The research aims to assess and compare dimensional deviations resulting from the use of different inserts. Turning operations are conducted on En31 alloy steel samples using diverse cutting inserts in controlled dry and wet machining environments. Detailed measurements of dimensional inconsistencies are undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of distinct cutting inserts in minimizing dimensional variations. Furthermore, the influence of machining conditions, specifically dry and wet environments, on dimensional precision is thoroughly investigated. The findings of this investigation provide valuable insights for selecting appropriate tools to enhance dimensional accuracy in continuous turning processes of En31 alloy steel, thereby improving the overall quality and reliability of manufactured components.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 669-673