Fostering Empathy Via British Literature: A Pedagogical Approach in English Education

Dr.A. Suriyanarayanan

The objective of this article is to enhance English proficiency in comprehending, dissecting, and valuing British Literature. This study examines the efficient teaching methods used to cultivate compassion and empathy in pupils. The cohort consisted of 65 students who demonstrated a profound understanding and empathy for the sentiments and emotions conveyed by British writers, showcasing their expertise in British literary works. When confronted with unfamiliar literature, students often experience confusion and anxiety, causing them to ignore the course and their instructors. The empathy-empowering method used a qualitative research approach, collecting textual information from students instructed to submit essays tailored to the scholar. The purpose was to determine if students developed empathy after studying British literary texts. Upon coding and analyzing the obtained information, the research confirmed that students exhibited increased empathy after completing thematic examinations of British literature in their lessons. This study holds significant value for literature scholars, both within and outside of globally, who often encounter confusion, helplessness, and frustration when demonstrating literature. These educators are eager to elicit more excellent responses from their students in the classroom. By discovering how to assign significant and thought-provoking essay inquiries that evoke empathy and are closely related to literary works and carefully analyzing students' essays, a productive and effective interaction can be established between the researchers and students.

Volume 11 | Issue 11

Pages: 459-463