Performance Analysis of Balancing Load Using ACO Technique in Cloud Environment

Gopika Dharmarajan, Santosh Anand and Somnath Sinha

As per thesis, cloud computing is emerging and an innumerable demand from users, load balancing becomes an important challenge to achieve performance stability. There exist several load balancing algorithms however to enhance the optimum resource utilization and reduced response time their performance has to be desired. In existing system, algorithms mentioned are suitable for homogenous and stable environment. The algorithms such as Round-Robin, FCFS changes during runtime are not possible. When client sent request to cloud simultaneously, we need to face traffic in order to handle sudden traffic burst in heterogeneous environment. Load Balancer with various load balancing algorithm using Enhanced ACO technique is proposed for fair distribution of workload into different servers in minimum response time and handle the traffic in flexible manner. In this paper we analyze the performance of three different load balancing technique Round-Robin, Throttled and ACO and suggest modification of ACO as future work.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1268-1273