A Novel Optimized Cluster based Trust Model in a Wireless Sensor Network with Gsteb Routing Protocol

C. Usha Devi, Dr. Samuel Manoharan and Dr.V. Padma Thilagam

WSNs are being recently researched due to their immense potential and applications ranging from simple domestic control to remote monitoring and surveillance. Nodes form the back bone of any wireless sensor network and its efficiency can be attributed to many factors out of which routing, load balancing, security, energy efficiency are most critical. The issue of security and privacy has been investigated in this paper by proposing an optimized cluster based scheme to select trustworthy nodes and cluster heads before initiation of routing phase. The proposed algorithm has been integrated with the general self-organizing tree based energy balancing routing algorithm and the results analyzed after applying a set of known and most prominent network attacks like hole attack, spoofing attack and robustness determined in terms of detection of dead nodes and eliminating them from the routing path. Previously, the proposed Cluster head is optimized with the well-known particle swarm optimization algorithm to decide upon the optimal cluster head to be used in the routing process. The proposed algorithm have been tested and compared against conventional techniques like LEACH, QLEACH and GSTEB superior performance observed thus justifying the superiority of the proposed algorithm towards security and privacy.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1245-1255