Smart Waste Management Using Cloud Computing

L. Monica Ezhilarasi, Dr.M. Dhanasu and Dr.K. Anguraj

A waste collection management solution is envisaged by providing intelligence waste bins, using a cloud computing prototype with sensors. It can read, collect, and transmit huge volume of data over the Internet. Such data, when put into a spatial-temporal context and processed by intelligent and optimized algorithms, can be used to dynamically manage waste collection mechanism. Simulations for several cases are carried out to investigate the benefits of such system over a traditional system. The city’s assets include, among others, the local departments, information systems, libraries, schools, hospitals, waste management systems, transportation systems etc. A smart waste collection system on the basis of level of wastes present in the waste bins. Mobile devices became pervasive objects as soon as people used mobile phones, smart phones and PDAs anywhere and at any time. However, the design and implementation of mobile applications is still not straightforward. Moreover, decision makers can't easily estimate the risk of a project due to the difficulties to compare the various capabilities of existing software platforms for mobile devices.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1236-1244