Horizontal Scattered Matrix (HSM) based Indexing for Video Retrieval System

Michael Dinesh Simon and A.R. Kavitha

Scattered Matrix is a mechanism that establishes the relationship between two states in the quantum mechanics. Horizontal Scattered Matrix (HSM) is a new indexing technique that establishes the relationship between the input image and the output video of the video retrieval system. The proposed HSM system retrieves video in four steps which include i) uploading input image ii) input image pre-processing iii) image to matrix conversion iv) horizontal scattering matrix computation and search using correlation of pauli scattering vector. The performance of the proposed technique is evaluated using the video clips downloaded from the online video search engine. The performance of the proposed HSM technique is computed against the quality parameter speed, quality and quality of services. Comparative analyses were made of HSM with the existing PCA, LDA, SLDA techniques.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1158-1171