Database Security Using Enhanced Triple 3DES Model with 168 Key Bits

J. Gowthamy, YSK. Prithvi, K. Rahul and A. Mohit

In an era where humans depend upon machines to store details, it is essential to take measures to protect that data. A database is one of the essential component of any application or website. There is an increase in demand for cryptographers all over the world to encrypt and protect user data. People often rely upon the rudiment security feature provided by database Management System. With current hardware and technology one can easily get past these security measures. The paper talks about increase the quality of the security by encrypting the whole database with 168 bit enhanced 3DES encryption algorithm. The conventional 3DES algorithm uses 56 independent key bits for encryption and can be easily cracked using attacks such as brute force method.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1153-1157