Design of Wireless Sensor Network Using Reactive Routing Protocol

Ashine.V. Mathurkar,Prabhakar D. Dorge, Shital Telrandhe

In this project based on the wireless sensor networks(WSN),inWSNcontainofafew tothousandsofsensor nodes, often also mentioned to as nodes or sensors, which sensor nodes are connected to all otherviawirelesscommunications.TherearenumerousassumptionsoroverallpossessionsofWSNs,presentarealotofmoreapplicationsofwirelesssensornetworks round the creation making it unbearable to protection all their application areas. Applications of wireless sensor networks span ecological and animal monitoring, factory and manufacturing monitoring,farmingmonitoringandmechanization,healthinessmonitoringandmanyotherareas.Oneofthemostcharacteristics ofwirelesssensornetworksisthattheyarestronglycoupledwith their application. In this paper to explain for WI-MAX without wormhole attack with explain related results explain with their outputsTheNS2examinationsystemisappliedtoproductionout all imitations.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 1043-1049