A. R. Bhagat Patil, Lokesh Sharma, Nishant Aochar, Rajat Gaidhane, Vikas Sawarkar, Punit Fulzele, Sonali Choudhary

With increase in population the need for food is on rise, in such circumstances, plant diseases prove to be a major threat to agricultural produce and result in disastrous consequences for farmers. Early detection of plant disease can help in ensuring food security and controlling financial losses. The images of diseased plants can be used to identify the diseases. Classification abilities of Convolutional Neural Networks are used to obtain reliable output. Google’s pretrained model ‘Inception v3’ is used. The Inception v3 model is trained over a dataset of diseased plants obtained from ‘Plant Village Dataset’. The developed detection approach is evaluated on measures of F1 score, precision and recall.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 1038-1042