Adoption of Mobile Learning Apps among Students: An Empirical Research

S. Anjali, V.G. Avinash and Dr.K.K. Anoop

Learning is a comprehensive term that occurs both lifelong and life-wide. Education is considered as a subdivision of learning that can drive growth and development, economic affluence and development of a person, a society and a country. It may be expressed as a shift in the knowledge and or behavior that arises out of training or through experience.Technological advancements in digital technology are quickly changingthe nature of learning by inducing swift availability to digital content. Such apps play a predominant role in effective learning. M-learning is the recent advancement in education and training method seems to be the quickest developing in education field compared to the traditional e-learning. M-learning is the next form of e-learning using mobile technologies to facilitate education for teachers and learners anywhere and anytime (Alzaza&Yaakub, 2011). M-Learning is an arena that combines important areas which are mobile computing and e learning. M-learning has been regarded as the future of learning or as an integral part of any other form of educational process in the future. As m-learning is quite a new domain there is a lot of work and research that is being gone on. People are trying to understand how mobile devices will help in reaching a better education.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1119-1122