Performance Analysis of Anaerobic Digester for Food and Dairy Industries

Ayushi Pannase, Er.JagdishLajewar, S.rKhandeshwar, Roshan Umate

To analyze the sample for given industries and check performances of the digester. The samples were tested for various characteristics to investigate performance of the digester of different industries and check whether the existing digester provides a beneficial result. Check the reduction of different parameters of wastewater samples. Wastewater parameters which were considered are T.S, T.S.S, T.D.S, V.S.S, pH, alkalinity and VFA. The sample1 of food industries showed 83.7% reduction in T.S, 90.43% in T.S.S and 91.03 % in V.S.S. The sample2 of food industries showed 87.31% reduction in T.S, 93.68% in T.S.S and 91.03 % in V.S.S. The sample1 of Dairy industries showed 30.93% reduction in T.S, 54.16% in T.S.S and 87.7 % in V.S.S. The sample.2 of Dairy industries showed 50.96% reduction in T.S, 46.68% in T.S.S and 89.99 % in V.S.S. The digester provide are working within expected efficiency and the reduction are also obtained within the limits.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 1026-1029