Design of UASB Reactor for Industrial Wastewater A Case study

Munira J Khan, S.V.Ambekar, Er. Jagdish Lanjewar, Kumar Bijyendra Sourabh

The wastewater produced from the dairy and food industry were analyzed for different parameters using the standard methods. The wastewater was found to be highly organic with high COD values and hence anaerobic treatment using UASB reactor will be the best option for treatment. The UASB was designed for a flow rate of 1000m³/day and and highest influent COD of 8500mg/L, having BOD, TSS, VSS values of 5000mg/L, 1020mg/L, and 950mg/L respectively. The design of UASB is carried out on the basis of the analysis considering the various operating parameters. The organic loading rate considered was 6 kg COD/m³/day and the height and diameter obtained were 8.5m and 14.6m respectively with HRT OF 34 hrs.. The GLS separator along with inlet distribution system was also designed.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 1021-1025