Automated Car Plate Detection and Character Recognition with Parking Fee Management Using Point Feature Matching

Mohd Nizam Husen, Amir Zakwan Aizat Azizan, Abdulaziz Hadi Saleh Aborujilah and Zahrah Yahya

The increase of car ownership every year will also produce a higher demands of parking space especially in office buildings, shopping malls, and high-rise residential buildings. The difficulties for car drivers at parking lot are the process of taking, keeping, and paying parking ticket, as well as searching for available parking lot during peak hours. The conventional methods of finding parking space is time consuming and do not detect the car plate number. This paper presents a solution in car plate detection and character recognition and also notifying the drivers on the availability of parking space in real-time. In this study, an image processing technique of point feature matching has been used to detect the car plate number upon the car entering the building, store the time of entry and the time of exit to automatically calculate the parking fee as well as notifying the available parking spot in real-time. The testing results on the car plate detection shows an increase on 14.8% recognition rate from the previous work. This solution is suitable for huge parking space in commercial site, government building, airports, and shopping complex.

Volume 12 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 214-220

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP8/20202518