Influence of Leadership and Organization Climate to Organizational Fairness and Employee Engagement

Ni Ketut Rai Surasmi Suwinci, I Wayan Sujana, Putu Kepramareni and I Nengah Suardhika

Employee engagement is a form of employee hiring and expressing himself physically, cognitively and emotionally in carrying out the performance of his work. This study aims to analyze the influence of leadership and organizational climate on organizational fairness and employee engagement. The research data were obtained from a questionnaire that had been distributed to employees of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Udayana Bali totaling 82 people. Data were analyzed using PLS-SEM. The findings in this study, leadership and organizational climate have a significant positive effect on organizational fairness and employee engagement. Organizational fairness has not been able to mediate the influence of organizational climate on employee engagement. Organizational fairness gained from organizational climate has not been able to determine employee engagement. Organizational Fairness has a positive and significant effect on employee engagement. Suggestions that can be submitted to the leadership are expected to always provide motivation, direction at any time, clear instructions so that employees can carry out and complete work well and on time. Leaders can pay attention to the distribution of workload to employees and always balance the needs and rights of employees. Further researchers are advised to add employee performance variables so that it is known whether the level of employees owned by employees will be able to improve organizational performance.

Volume 12 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 173-186

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP8/20202513