Survey on Energy Management through Smart Grid System

Ankesh Kr. Singh, P. Saranya and Amit Redhu

In the most recent years we have seen an expanding enthusiasm in smart buildings which concerns with optimal energy management, renewable energy sources and smart power system. In this paper, we are focusing on home power management system to limit electricity cost and reduce high peak demand while keeping up client comfort. Operation attributes like expected duration and peak power consumption of appliances of buildings can be balanced through power profile signal. The optimal profile flag limits cost, while fulfilling technical operation constraints and client preferences. At the start of every day, the principle controller accumulates client demand and power resource data and solves a mixed integer programming problem blended smart and energy efficient operation constraints characterized for appliances and power resources. The solution of this issue provides cost limiting schedules of controllable machines and power resources. Smart grids and appliances collaborate automatically by running a distributed algorithm to find optimal energy utilization plan for every endorser, with a go for diminishing the aggregate energy cost as well as peak to average proportion in load demand in the energy distribution framework.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1084-1087