Robot Octopurs Using Ardunio

P. Subashini, Dharmin Sodwadia, Sushmita Ghosh, P. Eswar Akash and Rishikesh Kumar

To realize octopus-like robot swimming behaviors poses tremendous challenges, especially for the realization of octopus body. This paper highlights the system design and experimental research of a free-swimming biomimetic robot octopus. By propulsive theories, a design scheme concerning with both physical realization and control methods is presented, where multiple linked robot octopus propelled by a flexible body and an oscillating legs can be accomplished. The system design of robot octopus is decomposed into mechatronic system and motion control system. Underwater experiments are conducted to indicate the parametric relationships. The objectives of this work are to study sea environment and take a deep view of underground water at accidental spot. The experimental results verify that the presented scheme is effective in design and implementation. The performance of the robot octopus is determined by the shape parameters and kinematic parameters. This research can instruct the further general design of robot octopus.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1078-1083