A Blockchain based Property Registry System

Arun Kumar, Divisha Chaturvedi, Nikhil Gabbeta, Priyanka Das and M. Varun Reddy

Nowadays, blockchain has a heightened significance related to privacy policies and certain applications. We introduce an idea to imbibe block chain in property registry wherein property includes movable and immovable assets. Our main objective is to protect the users involved in the property buying or selling and do away with any possibility of fraudulent ownership in property registry which is very much prevalent in the existing system as most of the work is done by untrusted third parties and manual systems. Here, we discuss the benefits of using block chain technology with the current system. Algorithms like ring signatures and Free-land algorithm (a brand new approach discussed in our paper) is explained which we believe are crucial for implementing property registry through block chain. Our proposed system takes away the possibility of fraud and ensures that no time is wasted during the whole process of property registration.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 1068-1077