Design And Analysis Of Server less Security Using Identity Based Cryptosystem For Secured Authentication

A. Arulprakash, K.SampathKumar

Serverless computing is a paradigm that represents a novel evolution on cloud models, its platforms and abstractions. The serverless computing uses explicitly the function as its core deployment unit, however, since the functions from different users running on a shared platform is considered critical during isolation. On event of any anonymous user attacking the functions from different users, we exploit the advantage of identity based cryptosystem in the Function-as-a- Service (FaaS) serverless model to improve the privacy of data. In this paper, we use an elliptical curve cryptography (ECC) based on the identity of user and the function being deployed in FaaS model. The simulations are carried out in terms of different performance metrics with other existing methods. The results show that the proposed method obtains improved security of data in FaaS serverless model than the other methods.

Volume 12 | 06-Special Issue

Pages: 961-970

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP6/SP20201115